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Florida Records Highest Daily Increase in Coronavirus Cases

Today, Florida recorded its highest increase in confirmed COVID cases since the beginning of the pandemic. This comes a day after Florida recorded the most cases since April 17.

According to numbers tabulated by Worldometers, today alone Florida confirmed 1,419 new coronavirus cases. The previous high was on April 17, when there were 1,413 new cases.

The day with the third-most confirmed cases was yesterday, with 1,317 cases.

This increase comes as Florida continues to open more of its state and continues to relax stay-at-home orders.

At the time of writing, coronavirus has killed over 109,000 Americans and has infected more than 1.9 million people in the United States alone.

42.6 million people have filed for first-time unemployment since the beginning of March, dramatically higher than all of the people who filed for unemployment during the Great Recession. Today alone, 1.9 million people filed.

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