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Disapproval of Trump Nears Highest of Presidency As New Coronavirus Cases Break Records

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Disapproval of President Trump's job as chief executive is nearing its highest point since he took office, as his poor handling of major crises sours the American public's view of him.

According to FiveThirtyEight, which averages and weighs all Presidential approval polls, Mr. Trump's disapproval rate has climbed substantially in the last few weeks. Last month on May 1, 50.7% disapproved President Trump's job as President. Today, that number stands as 56.1%.

Not only is that a substantial increase in less than two months, but it is particularly large for a President who has had remarkably stable approval and disapproval numbers.

Disapproval for the President is now higher than it was at his worst polling during the government shutdown of 2018-2019, when it reached 56.0%. At that time, President Trump blocked Congress from passing any bill that would fund the government if he did not receive funding for a new border wall with Mexico.

At 56.1%, the President has the worst disapproval rating since January 2018, the last time it was above (not equal to) 56.0%.

The President has only eclipsed 57% disapproval during a month twice, and only briefly. Both took place in 2017, with the President reaching 57.4% in August and then 57.5%, his worst disapproval, in December.

This comes at a time when the United States is now entering a "second wave" of coronavirus cases, with the country recording 40,000 new cases for the first time yesterday.

These numbers also do not foreshadow a successful reelection campaign for the President. Polling in recent days show Mr. Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by double digits nationally, in nearly every swing state, and in other "red" states, such as Georgia and Texas.
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