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Texas Sees Its Biggest Daily Increase in COVID Cases After Partial Reopening

The State Flag of Texas
Almost two weeks after implementing "phase 1" of its reopening plan, the state of Texas saw its biggest daily increase in confirmed coronavirus cases on May 13.

Yesterday, there were 1,636 new cases confirmed in Texas. The previous high was May 1, the day the reopening began, with 1,438 cases.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases does not seem to be slowing down in Texas. In April, there were 20 days in which fewer than 900 new cases were confirmed. In May, there has been only one.

In comparison, New York, the hardest hit state, has seen a drastic reduction in cases in May. The Empire State saw its peak on April 15, with 11,661 cases being confirmed on that day alone.

Yesterday, New York confirmed 2,193 cases, which is a reduction of more than 81%. That said, New York still has more new daily cases than Texas, though they may be going in opposite directions.

At the time of writing this article, 1,450,231 Americans have contracted the coronavirus, with at least 86,584 succumbing to it.

The President continues to downplay the coronavirus, still appearing in public without a mask and claiming that Democrats "want the country to fail" as a result.


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