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Biden Routs Sanders, Others in Super Tuesday Surge

Former Vice President Joe Biden.  Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

In a surprising surge that would have been considered highly improbable just a few days ago, former Vice President Joe Biden won most states in yesterday's Super Tuesday primaries.

Mr. Biden won in all the states he was expected to, among them Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia. He also pulled off shocking victories in Maine, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, while pulling off an unlikely victory in Texas.

These wins come on the heels of Vice President Biden's victory in South Carolina this past Saturday, which led to Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar to drop out and endorse him.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who was previously considered the Democrat front-runner, won Vermont, Utah, and Colorado, and is leading handily in California. All of these victories were considered "safe," while Mr. Sanders lost all states that were considered "toss-ups."

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Businessman Michael Bloomberg both did poorly, winning only a handful of delegates each.

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