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Bloomberg Wins Democratic, GOP Vote in Dixville Notch, NH

In what can surely be described as an early upset in the New Hampshire Presidential Primaries, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has won both the Democratic and Republican contests via write-in votes.

Dixville Notch, a tiny unincorporated community with only 12 residents, cast the first ballots of New Hampshire's First In The Nation primary at midnight to much international curiosity and American media fanfare. 

Mr. Bloomberg, who entered the 2020 presidential election too late to be on the Democratic primary ballot, received three write-in votes: one in the Republican primary, and two on the Democratic side, to win both contests.

Both South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders received a single vote on the Democratic side, tying for second place in the Dixville Notch balloting.

It appears Mr. Bloomberg is the first candidate to win both primaries via write-in in the small town. Although it is unusual for Dixville Notch residents to cast write-in votes, it is not unheard of: former GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney received a single write-in vote in 2016. 

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