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Tedra Cobb Surpasses Elise Stefanik in Twitter Followers

Rep. Stefanik next to Rep. Will Hurd; Alex Wong/Pool via REUTERS
After a lied-filled tirade in yesterday's impeachment hearing, Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik was called out by thousands of people for her grandstanding.  However, people did not only call Representative Stefanik out.  They did something about it.

Today, only 24 hours after Stefanik's unprofessional stunt, her opponent, Tedra Cobb, has surpassed Rep. Stefanik in Twitter followers.

At the time of this writing, Ms. Cobb has over 150,000 followers, with Ms. Stefanik at 145,000.  Yesterday, Ms. Cobb was more than 100,000 followers behind Stefanik.

More than just eclipsing her in followers, Cobb has received a major influx in campaign donations.  She reported this morning that she had seen a spike of over $300,000 to her campaign in the aftermath of Stefanik's grandstanding.

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