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Bolton's "Liberated" Twitter Account Raises Eye Brows

Since resigning as National Security Advisor in early September, John Bolton has all but disappeared from the public eye as House Democrats have pushed forward with impeachment proceedings against Mr. Bolton's old boss, President Donald Trump, over Mr. Trump's handling of America's foreign policy with Ukraine. 

Mr. Bolton, however, suddenly reappeared on Twitter earlier today, declaring in a tweet that "Re: speaking up -- since resigning as National Security Advisor, the @WhiteHouse refused to return access to my personal Twitter account. To those who speculated I went into hiding, I'm sorry to disappoint!"

In addition to being one of several individuals who have served as National Security Advisor in the Trump administration, Mr. Bolton is well known for being an outspoken neoconservative who previously served as U.N. Ambassador during President George W. Bush's presidency in the mid 2000s. 

What Mr. Bolton does or does not know in relation to Mr. Trump's pressuring of Ukrainian officials to investigate the Biden family in exchange for military aid has become a source of much speculation over the past two months. 

According to recent testimony by Fiona Hill, a former advisor to Mr. Trump on Russia, Mr. Bolton characterized the White House's Ukrainian pressure campaign as a "drug deal" that he did not want any part of. 

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