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Led by Bernie Sanders, Democrats Set to Surpass Trump, RNC in Fundraising for Third Quarter

Mr. Sanders at a Campaign Event.  Photo by Phil Roeder
In Quarter 3, President Trump and the Republican National Committee raised approximately $125 Million dollars.

A number of mainstream news sites called the number "enormous" and "record-breaking." ABC News went so far as to say Democrats' fundraising has been "overshadowed" by the President: "The enormous haul overshadows the fundraising announcements of Democratic candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders, who reported $25.3 million in contributions on Tuesday."

However, when added together, Democrats' fundraising in Quarter 3 is already nearly at the $125 Million mark set by the President and is set to easily surpass it when all the campaigns have released their numbers.

For campaigns that have already announced their numbers, the Democrats have raised $116.9 Million. Senator Bernie Sanders leads the pack with $25.3 Million, followed closely by Senator Elizabeth Warren with $24.6 Million.
Elizabeth Warren at Cambridge, Massachusetts's Unity Rally.  Photo by Warren for President
Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised nearly $20 Million as well, with former Vice President Joe Biden raising over $15 Million. Senator Kamala Harris raised over $11 Million and Entrepreneur Andrew Yang raised over $10 Million.

Those alone add up to over $100 Million dollars, and they don't include the over $10 Million raised by Cory Booker, Marianne Williamson, and Michael Bennet collectively.

At the time of this article's writing, a number of other candidates have not released their fundraising numbers yet. This includes Senator Amy Klobuchar, former Congressman Beto O'Rourke, or former Obama Administration official Julian Castro, among others.

Even if the remaining candidates only raised, on average, a million dollars, they will still surpass Trump and the RNC's $125 Million total. They are, combined, expected to raise noticeably more.

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