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Booker Oddly Defends Biden

The twists and the turns of the 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primary continue to be shaped by the evolving Ukrainian scandal, with New Jersey Senator and presidential contender Cory Booker oddly defending former Vice-President Joe Biden by stating in a recent CNN interview that: "If you come after Joe Biden, you're gonna have to deal with me in this case."

Booker later decried Trump's attempts to "undermine the character of one of the statesmen of our country."

Although CNN labeled Booker's defense of his rival as "passionately defends," it stands as an awkward juxtaposition to the Senator's attempt to disparage Biden's civil rights record in July before concurring with former Housing Secretary Julian Castro's ageist attack against Biden after last month's debate. 

It seems, as so much does in this modern era of politics, that defending the statesmen of our country depends on whether or not they stand in the way or your personal aspirations, which has the side effect of sudden Biden defenders such as Booker appearing more calculating and cunning than principled. 

However, despite hanging around as a continued presence at the debates, Booker is clinging to eighth place according to recent polling with a cool 2% support as opposed to Biden's 33%. Needless to say, but Booker might be better off defending Biden from the sidelines instead of as an also ran. 

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