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European Union Freezes Putin's, Lavrov's Assets

The Russian Invasion as of early February 25, 2022

In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the European Union has agreed to freeze Russian President Vladimir Putin's and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's assets.  This is one of, if not the strongest, sanction yet in the ongoing effort to punish and deter Russia for launching an offensive war against Ukraine.

On the orders of Vladimir Putin, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine early yesterday, February 24, after months of military build-ups on Ukraine's borders.

Over the last 36 hours, sanctions have increased by not only Western powers, but even two Chinese banks have restricted financing on Russian commodities.

Other sanctions are also being considered.  Perhaps most notable is SWIFT, "a global messaging system connecting thousands of financial institutions around the world."

In the last 20 minutes, the President of Ukraine spoke with the President of the United States.  President Zelensky stated that even more sanctions were discussed with President Biden.

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