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Democrats, Republicans Reach Deal on Coronavirus Stimulus Package

President Trump shakes hands with Senate Majority Leader McConnell. Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead
Republicans and Democrats have reached a deal on the nearly-2 trillion dollar stimulus package meant to help Americans and businesses from the fallout of the coronavirus.

The deal was struck late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Republicans were balking at funding for Planned Parenthood, while Democrats took issue with a proposed five-hundred billion dollar fund for "corporate liquidity."

The coronavirus has lead to nearly all states cancelling schools for the time being, and hundreds of millions of Americans being advised to quarantine themselves to help prevent the pandemic any further.

For weeks the President downplayed the virus, stating repeatedly that the number of cases would soon be "close to zero," that all coronavirus patients were getting better, and that the Democrat party was using it as a "new hoax" to damage him politically.

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