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White House Subpoenaed in Impeachment Inquiry

After the White House refused to hand over documents, the House of Representatives has subpoenaed the Trump Administration over documents relating to the Ukraine Scandal.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings issued the subpoena. It related to the House's impeachment inquiry.

The impeachment inquiry began in September after a whistleblower report revealed that President Trump had pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden.

In July, Mr. Trump told the President of Ukraine that he wanted him to look into a false allegation that Vice President Biden had pushed Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was supposedly looking into his son, Hunter.

There is no evidence that Hunter Biden was ever being investigated and the Ukrainian government has also stated that he did nothing wrong.

Nonetheless, the President wanted an investigation into one of his chief political rivals. Ambassador Yovanovitch pushed back against this idea, and was, in part, fired because of it.

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