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Outrage Builds as Pro-Trump Video Portraying "President" Committing Mass Murder Goes Viral

A frame of the video in question, where the President Trump shoots President Obama's logo
A video that shows a fake Donald Trump murdering rivals and members of the media has garnered outrage across the political spectrum.

The clip, which was taken from the movie John Wick, shows the President in a church shooting politicians and major news outlets. It was created by Trump supporters and shown at a pro-Trump conference at the President's Miami resort.

Outrage has built as some supporters of the President defend the video, saying the bloody violence shown is all in good fun and not to be taken literally.

However, after the mail bombs sent by a supporter of the President last year, critics on both sides of the aisle believe videos like this create animosity and violence towards the President's rivals.

The clip was shown at Trump National Doral Miami at a conference where both Donald Trump Jr. and Sarah Sanders were scheduled to speak.

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